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Dog Breeder of Siberian Huskies in Ontario, CANADA


Welcome to our website, you will be able to view all of our upcoming pairings, available babies and our beautiful pack. We are located in Ontario and specialize in breeding the rarer, uncommon colors that are hard to find in Canada as well as the more traditional colors and markings. 

Our goal is to breed dogs with amazing temperaments, colors and we do not breed for eye color so we produce brown, bi-eyed and blue eyed babies. Our main focus is standard & plush coats, however we do produce woolies sometimes.

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Our puppies are raised with a one-on-one approach, and are raised in our own home. We have Canadian Kennel Club registered puppies, and take pride in the quality we produce here. All our puppies come backed with a 72 hour health guarantee and a 3 year genetic guarantee. 


We offer discounts for returning clients, military and for anyone working in law enforcement as well as Medical or Emergency workers. 

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Our dogs and puppies are all viewed here as a part of our family, and we welcome you to explore our website and feel free to ask any questions! 

The only social media accounts we have are @lostforestsiberians on Instagram, Facebook page Lost Forest Siberians, and the Facebook group of Lost Forest Siberians. Any other page is of the scamming nature and is NOT us.


Our pack are also all Embark tested, as well as OFA Eye cleared before pairing. We are currently working on doing OFA Hips & Elbows as well ! 

As of 2022, we are also working on our dogs earning their own titles ! We believe in the dogs and lines we have here, and look forward to what our future holds! 

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Nemesis & Ryze
Due April 8th-10th
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